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October 2017

These two brothers will be staying at Lili’s Bed and Breakfast for a free 10 day stay while receiving their needed treatments through the SOAR Sponsorship Fund.
Karlen (the older brother) has been examined at the medical center in Yerevan  and he has been diagnosed with Osgood–Schlatter disease (OSD), which is a  common cause of knee pain in growing adolescents. He has been assigned special corsets․ 
Arthur (the younger brother) recently had surgery. He has always had problems with his eyes and has recently be prescribed physiotherapy. His eye problem is very serious and there is a risk of blindness. The ophthalmology center is in Yerevan and he needs 10 days of treatments, so SOAR is covering the cost of the stay at Lili’s Bed and Breakfast so that there is no need for traveling back and forth.

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